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Best Essential Oil Diffuser 2019
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Best Essential Oil Diffuser 2019

Congratulations !

You have just taken a step closer to Mother Nature. By making up your mind to embrace one of the most precious gifts that Mother Nature bestows upon us, you have strengthened your ties with her. Get ready to be pampered as you immerse yourself in the magical world of colours and scents that will heal your mind, body and spirit.

Essential oils are a boon to mankind for they are a source of numerous benefits. The soothing aroma emanating from them freshens and purifies the air by removing air-borne pathogens. It relaxes your mind and makes you feel better. They ensure you a sound sleep and revitalize you for another exciting day at the personal and professional front. They also boost cognition, relieve anxiety and depression and strengthen immunity.

Why do I need an Essential Oil Diffuser?

This is indeed a valid question. When there are so many methods for enjoying the benefits of essential oils such as direct application, aroma lamps and candles, scented pillows, steam inhalation and massage, why should one invest in an oil diffuser?

This is because one of the easiest, efficient and cleanest way of enjoying this wonderful gift of nature is an oil diffuser. A diffuser transforms the environment of a room in just a few minutes using a few drops of essential oils. It works by evaporating the essential oil and dispersing it’s molecules in the air which are then inhaled or absorbed by the skin. It eliminates the drawbacks of other methods. For instance, certain essential oils are not fit to be used directly on the skin. Thus direct application method limits the number of essential oils that can be used. A daily visit to the spa for a massage is not a feasible option. While scented pillows and steam inhalation methods benefit only the individual using them,  the benefits of a diffuser go beyond an individual to impact as many people as there are in the vicinity.

Considering all the advantages and disadvantages, an oil diffuser is a must- have product for all essential oil fans.

Which oil diffuser should I buy?

With so many brands and different kinds of diffusers available in the market, buying a particular one is a tough decision. Each oil diffuser possesses a multitude of features, making them all sound good in different ways. But do not worry as I am here to help you in your quest to choose the perfect diffuser for yourself or your near and dear ones.

Let us have a look at the best essential oil diffuser of the year.

  1. Smiley Daisy Hibiscus Diffuser

Product Specification

  • Dimensions: Approx 8.27”(21cm) x 6.58”(16cm)x 3.15”(7cm)
  • Weight: 1.5 pound
  • Power Input/Output: AC 100-240 V
  • Warranty: 180 days


Our day to day struggles to survive in this crazy demanding world surely take a toll on our body, mind and soul. After a tiring day at work, all we crave for is a welcome atmosphere in our homes. To aid us in our quest for respite and rejuvenation, Smiley Daisy brings to us its another marvel-Hibiscus Diffuser. A perfect blend of nature and science, the product invites the benefits of essential oils into our homes.

A diffuser is an easy means to spread the essential oil so that its natural fragrance fills the room and uplifts our spirits. Aerial diffusion is a kind of aromatherapy. This one of its kind product serves both the aesthetic and therapeutic purposes of essential oil treatment. It plays an instrumental role in alleviating the feeling of restlessness, uncertainty and anxiety that surrounds us and providing a calm, serene and soothing atmosphere to elevate our moods. It even adds to the beauty of our little paradise.

Design & Capacity

The Smiley Daisy Hibiscus Diffuser is an ultrasonic vaporizer that uses water and oils to produce a cool superfine mist that adds a refreshing scent to any room. It does not make use of heat to make the vapour as heat has a detrimental effect on essential oils. The ultrasonic water-oxygen diffusing feature maintains the molecular structure of the essential oil and allows for its easy absorption through our skin and circulation around our bodies via blood stream which then works wonders on our bodies and minds. The diffuser even doubles up as a humidifier which helps in relieving several health conditions such as dry skin, chapped lips, nasal congestion and breathing disorders.

With excellent mist disperse rate of 35 ml/hr , the diffuser achieves a powerful fragrance. It offers two mist-mode settings. It can either run continuously or shut- off automatically after 2 hours.

The simple oval design of the diffuser with elegant finish fits well in both personal and professional areas. It covers an area of 200 square feet and can hold 350 ml of water. The large carrying capacity  of this diffuser saves the user from the monotonous task of adding water as in the case of smaller ones (120 ml). 5-6 drops of 100% pure oil free of adulterants and additives are enough to fill the room with a pleasing aroma.

The two options offered in terms of colour are the ‘wooden walnut brown’ and the ‘creamy white’ which mix well with our immediate surroundings and make it more beautiful.

Distinct features and Maintenance

A 7 colour LED colour changing light gives a distinct identity to the Smiley Daisy Hibiscus Diffuser. There are two brightness options with each colour. The changing colours seem to imitate the rainbow and create a dreamy effect. It makes for an interesting and entertaining visual sight. However, some may find it distracting.

The diffuser uses the Whisper technology which makes it quite suitable for certain places like bedrooms. The noise level is less than 35 DB which provides the users with a peaceful atmosphere. The Auto shut-off feature (when the water level is low) provides complete safety and keeps the users free from all worries and thus ensures a sound sleep.

Since the Smiley Daisy Hibiscus Diffuser is relatively low in terms of size as compared to other diffusers, there is less chance of it being accidentally knocked over and is less obstrusive.

Cleaning and maintaining the diffuser is easy. One can clean it using water, dish detergent and a cotton swab. The product can be used even with tap water. If one uses the product daily or for a duration of more than 6 hours, it needs to be cleaned twice a week. Otherwise ‘once a week’ cleaning works.


  • Two in One – Diffuser + Humidifier
  • Fine for using with all types of essential oils ,even citrus ones
  • Quiet operation
  • Efficient use of small amounts of essential oils
  • Powerful mist output
  • Auto shut-off
  • Cost – effective
  • Easy to operate and clean


  • Needs water to operate so concentration of essential oils is not strong enough
  • Active vapour steam may be an eyesore
  • LED lights may be distracting
  • Least stylish among diffusers


Smiley Daisy is a name that you can count on as it specialises in providing high quality products and efficient customer service. The Smiley Daisy Hibiscus Diffuser is an impressive product. Though this diffuser does not have much to offer in terms of style and customizable features, it is a great purchase. When your only concern is work,  it does a fantastic job by providing all benefits of aromatherapy, aqua therapy and light therapy. Considering all the factors such as price, quality, size, appearance and essential oils, this is the perfect diffuser crafted to suit your taste. It is a must-have for every essential oil lover out there.

2) Pure Spa Compact Diffuser

Product Specification:
Dimensions- 27*12.5*12 cm approximately
Weight- 1.17 pounds
Power- 100-240 V
Warranty- 2 years

Pure Spa, a well known brand committed to providing excellent treatment and quality services to its clients, brings to you another amazing product- Compact Diffuser. A multi-purpose product, Compact Diffuser possesses various customizable features which offer you an easy escape from the hectic pace of life and transport you to the miraculous world of essential oils. In addition, its elegant design is no less than a visual treat.

Let us go through the finer details of the product.

Design and Capacity

As the name suggests, Pure Spa Compact Diffuser is small and intelligently shaped so as to acquire little space. Its smooth, glossy and streamlined structure complements any type of décor. The beautiful white colour of the product gives it a simple and clean look and blends in quite well with other colours in its environment.

The diffuser makes use of ultrasonic technology. In place of heat, ultrasonic vibrations cause water to change into vapors. The essential oil is broken down to form tiny microparticles which are then dispersed as a fine mist. The use of heat sometimes changes the chemical nature of essential oils and reduces its effectiveness. As this device uses water, it rids itself of this disadvantage. However, using water will dilute the oil to some extent.

With a standard water capacity of 100 ml and a run time of 7 hours, the device produces 14.3 ml of vapour per hour. The diffusing aroma covers an area of 250 square feet. 3-5 drops of essential oil should be added to produce a strong aroma which deodorize the air of substances like tobacco and pet odour. When the water level lowers down, the device shuts off automatically without making any beeping noise. This feature protects the device from damage and does not cause any disturbance while you are sleeping.

All the functioning of the device, including its mist and light output, is controlled with a single button on the device with three touch operating mode. Pressing the button for the first time results in the diffusion of mist without any light. When you press the button again, the mist is accompanied by changing lights. The lights keep changing to the following colours: white, green, blue, red and purple. As you press the button for the third time, both the mist and lights are turned off.

This single button operation saves you from the hassles of clicking different buttons to achieve the desired result.

Distinct features and Maintenance

The versatile nature of Pure Spa Compact Diffuser is its greatest advantage. Besides working as an oil diffuser, it offers the functionality of an ionizer, humidifier and night light. As an ionizer, it adds negatively charged ions in the air which remove positively charged particles such as dust, bacteria, allergens and other pollutants from the air. This improves the air quality. As a humidifier, it moisturizes the air, making it suitable for people suffering from asthma, nasal congestion, cold, allergies, dry skin, etc. The feature of changing colours make it ideal as a night light. Quiet operation of this device is an added advantage.

Maintaining the device is also quite easy. After every oil change, just rinse out and wipe clean the device with a cloth. Use warm water for best cleaning results.

Portable due to its lightweight
Saves space
Single button operation
Visual alert to user while shutting off automatically
Easy to use and clean
Cost effective

Low water capacity as compared to other diffusers
Can’t leave the diffuser on one particular colour
Can’t have only the light on
Needs to be on a flat surface to avoid spills and accidental knock -overs


Pure Spa Compact Diffuser is a great buy. It is a 4-in-1 device. It performs the tasks of four devices at the price of just one! What else to ask for? Moreover, it comes with a two year warranty and a 60 day money back guarantee from the manufacturer if the product does not live up to your expectations. This speaks volumes about the brand and their confidence in their product. Reasonably priced, branded and with a long-term warranty, this product is worth a try.
3) doTERRA Petal Diffuser

Product Specification:
Dimension – 15 x 15 x 14 cm
Weight-1.3 pounds
Power – 100- 240 V
Warranty- 3 months

doTERAA is a name that resonates well with the young demographics when it comes to essential oils and a variety of other wellness products. This year they have come up with their another marvel – Petal Diffuser. It is as beautiful in reality as it sounds. Truly designed like a petal with a lavender bottom half  and a top white half, the product brings home the innumerable advantages of essential oils. With a host of features to offer, it gives a tough competition to other essential oil diffusers.

Let us closely examine this wonderful product.

Design and Capacity

The doTERRA Petal Diffuser is a small, convenient and user-friendly product, made of durable plastic and with a pleasing design that fits in both personal and professional spaces and adds to the aesthetics. Designed to provide you with benefits that boost health, the diffuser produces a far-reaching relaxing mist that help in making an area fragrant and purify the surrounding air.

The diffuser has a water capacity of 150 ml. Adding 4-8 drops of essential oils yields a high mist output covering an area of 330 square feet. 37 ml of vapour is released per hour. The mist emanating from the diffuser improves the respiratory system, boosts immunity and protects users against common diseases like cold and flu and cures headaches. It also protects the wooden furniture against dryness. The aroma diffusing coverage lasts up to 4 hours. When the water tank runs empty, the diffuser automatically turns off.

Operating the diffuser is easy. It offers two buttons on the front of the device. One of the buttons is responsible for turning the diffuser on or off while the other button manages the optional LED light. You can make the choice of having the light on or off while the diffuser is working.

Distinct features and Maintenance

One can control the amount of essential oil being released into the air with a 3-timer setting. The default setting is a 2-hour timer. You can set the timer for 1 hour and 4 hours by pressing the button meant for controlling the mist output.

A safety feature exclusive to this product is that it does not turn on until the water tank is filled. This protects the device from any damage. The diffuser also comes with a watermark. This helps users in filling up the water tank only to the required level.

The diffuser produces a soft, white ambient light to create a conducive atmosphere for a good night’s sleep. However, the colour remains constant.

The device operates quietly, with the noise level as low as 46 decibels.

The diffuser can work with all kinds of essential oils. Switching between different oils requires a little effort for cleaning. All you need is vinegar diluted in water. Just swirl it around the water tank and rinse with clean water. Regular cleaning involves removing the top lid and wiping the inside with a damp cloth. Stains on the surface and hard to remove dirt can be cleaned by using alcohol.

Compact and lightweight
Takes up less space
Quiet operation
Auto shut off
Easy to use and clean
Could be used with all types of oils

Available in only one colour
Low run time and water capacity
May spill liquid at times


The doTERRA Petal diffuser is indeed a great product. Built with strong and sturdy materials, it is meant to last long. With unique features and an attractive price tag, it makes for an interesting buy. You will also get a warranty of 2 years with this product. If you are looking for a beautiful and efficient diffuser, you must try this one out.

4) Smiley Daisy – Love in a mist diffuser

Product Specification :
Dimensions – 9.6 * 9.6* 14.7 cm
Weight –  0.02 pounds
Power – 100-240 V
Warranty- 6 months

A one-of-its-kind product from Smiley Daisy, ‘Love in a mist diffuser’ is worthy of a mention in the list of best essential diffusers for this year. As soon as you hear the name, you can’t resist your temptation to know about the product and are drawn towards it. If you are looking for an attractive oil diffuser, this might be your pick.

Given the catchy name, I am sure you are excited to know more about it.

Design and Capacity

Elegant. Stylish. Eye-catching. All the adjectives fall short before this wonderful diffuser. An epitome of beauty, its handcrafted porcelain outer cover with the beautiful floral design makes it a statement piece for home. No other diffuser can compete with it in terms of beauty. The diffuser comes in two colours: Ruby Red and Sapphire Blue. Both of them are beautiful in their own way.

The ultrasonic water – oxygen diffusing feature of this diffuser maintains the molecular structure of essential oil. This allows for easy absorption through the skin and circulation around your body via bloodstream which then works wonders on your body and mind.

The water tank of the diffuser holds around 100 ml of water. This results in the run time of 6-8 hours. The mist produced due to the addition of 2-3 drops of essential oil to water covers an area of 200 square feet. When the water is fully vaporized, the diffuser automatically shuts off. In case there is no water in the water tank and you press the mist button, the device beeps thrice to remind you to fill the water tank. There is a slight noise while the diffuser works.

The device has a simple interface, with separate buttons for mist and light features.

The only flaw in the overall design of the product is the improper placement of the vent which exposes the internal circuits of the device to the mist. This may lead to corrosion.

Distinct features and Maintenance

A number of features offered by this device are meant to please you and provide you with respite and rejuvenation.

The device can produce mist continuously or periodically. When in periodic mode, the mist is produced at an interval of 30 seconds. The mist output is around 20 ml per hour when the diffuser is running continuously. The mist produced helps to avoid allergies and cold and flu symptoms. The diffuser can work as a humidifier too.

The LED lights provide subtle illumination. There are 7 colors – orange, yellow  green, red, blue, pink and purple. The different lights shine through the floral design and cast beautiful patterns on the wall. You can choose to keep the light on or off. On pressing the button for light feature for the first time, the colour of light changes. If you wish to stop on a particular colour, just press the button twice. An interesting thing to note here is that pressing the button for the first time produces a dim light. On second pressing, the light turns brighter. Thus you have two brightness options for each colour.

Cleaning is required every 3-4 days. You need to fill the tank to the brim and add one tablespoon of vinegar to it. Allow the device to soak the moisture for about 5 minutes. Then gently scrub the parts of the diffusert. Wipe off stains with a cloth. When using more than one type of essential oil, clean the device after every switch. Do not keep any residual water in the water tank for days or weeks as it may lead to microbial growth.

Looks pretty
Doubles up as a humidifier
Auto shut off feature
LED lighting
Can be used with all types of essential oils including citrus oils
Simple to set-up, use and maintain

Low water capacity
Produces noise while working
Design flaw leading to corrosion


Smiley Daisy is a name that you can count on as it specialises in providing high-quality products and efficient customer service. The ‘Love in a mist’ diffuser is an ideal diffuser for those who are searching for an exquisite decorative piece for their home or office and are willing to spend a good amount of money. Working both as a diffuser and a humidifier, with good mist output, large area coverage and features like LED lights, it is indeed a good investment. The icing on the cake is the 6 months product replacement warranty by the manufacturer. However, the porcelain cover is not included in the replacement warranty. The overall content of the package includes the diffuser, a measuring cup, an AC adapter and a user manual.

5) VicTsing  300ml Cool Mist Humidifier

Product Specification:
Dimension – 17*17*15 cm approximately
Weight- 1.5 pounds
Power- 100-240 V
Warranty- 1 year

From the portals of VicTsing which provides some of the best wellness products, comes out its star product of the year – Cool Mist Humidifier. As the name suggests, it is indeed a cool product to own. A perfect fusion of nature and science, this product enables you to isolate yourself from the hustle and bustle of the modern city life and achieve inner peace. The product offers a plenty of features which make your life easy and comfortable. In addition, its unique design and colour adds to the beauty of the surroundings in which it is placed.

Let us have a closer look at this amazing product.

Design and Capacity

Beautifully crafted as an African pot, the uniqueness of this product wins the hearts of many. The manufacturer provides the customers with a wide range of colours to choose from. The product is available  in 5 colours- Grey and Black, Light Brown, Black, Cherrywood Red and Redwood Brown. The reddish brown wood grain coating gives it a natural look which easily blends in with wooden furniture around. If natural looking products attract you, then this might be your best pick.

There are many viruses and pathogens in the air which can cause infection and illness. A humidifier is what you need to combat these. It evaporates cool mist that increases the humidity level of the surrounding air. This prevents cold and flu symptoms. During winters, a humidifier moisturizes the air and prevents health conditions, such as like sinuses, allergies and dryness.
This essential oil cum humidifier uses ultrasonic technology, that is, it makes use of a mixture of water and essential oils. Electronic frequencies produce ultrasonic vibrations that vaporize the water. Heat energy has no role to play in this. The non-heating diffusion maintains the integrity of essential oils so aromatherapeutic benefits could be enjoyed to the fullest.

The water tank of the cool mist humidifier holds around 300 ml of water. The ultra fine and smooth mist produced by this device spreads across an area of 82 square feet and lasts for about 10 hours. 30 ml of vapour  is produced hourly. The Auto shut-off feature keeps the product from damaging itself. It produces a beep sound when turned off.

Distinct features and Maintenance

The device allows for the setting up of timers. There are four time setting modes. You can choose to automatically turn off the device after 1 hour, 3 hours or 6 hours. The fourth mode keeps the device running till its water tank is empty.

The device can also serve as a night light.  It offers a set of 7 colours. The control is in your hands. You can either set a particular colour or keep changing between the different colours. Even if all the lights are off, a small light on the device indicates that the device is on.

One of the unique features of this product is the presence of 3 rubber pads at its base. These rubber pads protect the surface from scratches. The base also has air outlets at the bottom.

When it comes to cleaning, one needs to take extra care. The water tank of this product is not detachable. One needs to be very careful while cleaning so as to avoid water getting into electrical parts located at the bottom of the humidifier. To remove any leftover oil or clear stains, one needs to use detergent and water or vinegar and water. For daily cleaning, a cloth can be used to wipe the water tank.

3 in 1- Oil diffuser + Humidifier + Night.    light
Long Run Time
Large water tank
Auto shut-off
Quiet Operation
Available in 5 different colours

Wood grain may peel off if diffuser is exposed to moisture too often
A small light is always on to indicate that the device is running. For people who are sensitive to light, this may be troublesome.
Shutting down is accompanied by a beep sound which may disturb sleep at night.
The lid of the diffuser simply lies on top. In case of accidental tip-overs, it is difficult to prevent spills.


The VicTsing Cool Mist humidifier serves three purposes at the cost of a single product. It is an oil diffuser, humidifier and a night light. It offers many useful features such as the auto shut off,  LED lights and timers. It also takes care of your other belongings such as your wooden furniture surfaces by resisting scratches owing to the presence of 3 rubber pads at its base. In addition, you get a year-long warranty. I find no reason to not recommend to you this absolutely pretty and effective product. When you purchase the product, you get the diffuser along with an adapter and a user manual.

6) Nebulizer Diffuser by Two Scents

Product Specification:
Dimensions- 8.8*8.8*8.8 cm
Weight- 0.662 pounds
Power- 100-240 V
Warranty – 6 months

Two Scents is a company that values each of its customers and strives to provide them with premium products. The Nebulizer Diffuser is one of their best products. A user-friendly product with a wide range of customizable features and a pleasing design, your search for the perfect diffuser might just end here.

Let us see in detail what the product has in store for us.

Design and Capacity

The thing which sets this diffuser apart from other diffusers in this list is its technology. While most of the other diffusers use ultrasonic diffusion technology, Two Scents Nebulizer Diffuser runs on nebulizer technology which is one of the efficient, cleanest and healthiest way of enjoying the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. It neither uses heat nor water which maximizes the use of every drop of oil. Being heatless, the integrity of the oil is maintained which makes it safe to inhale and provides you with the full benefits of the oil. Since water is also not used, the oil is not diluted. This leads to the dissemination of 100% pure essential oil. Moreover, you do not have to worry about leakage and spilling oils. Just turn the device on and relax!

With an excellent run time of 20-50 hours depending on the intensity level of aroma, the diffuser produces a powerful vapour. The aroma is quite strong to cover an area as large as 650 square feet. This makes it suitable for placement in large halls and other spacious rooms.

Not only the diffuser provides health benefits to its users, it also pleases their sense of sight. The contemporary, stylish look of the device with an elegant finish attracts the eyeballs. Its natural white colour goes well with just any type of décor. It is also available in gray colour.

Distinct features and Maintenance

The nebulizer diffuser runs on a rechargeable battery. Its wireless functioning makes it a travel-friendly product. You can carry the device wherever you go. It can work in a car too!

The Two Scents Nebulizer Diffuser functions quietly and offers 3 aroma intensity modes : low, medium and high. When on the low mode, the aroma is released for 30 seconds. The medium mode allows the release of aroma for 60 seconds. 90 seconds of aroma release is achieved when you set the intensity mode at high. You even have the option of keeping it off for 2 minutes.

Another feature offered by this diffuser is the setting up of timers. You can choose to keep the device on for 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours or make it run continuously.

Cleaning the diffuser does not require much effort. Rubbing alcohol or a solution of water and vinegar on the diffuser prevents it from clogging up and helps it to last longer.

Heatless and Waterless
Leak-free in normal conditions
Strong powerful vapour
Silent working
Excellent run time

Expensive than ultrasonic diffusers
Can sometimes leak depending on the place where it is kept and how well the essential oil bottle is attached to the device
Uses up essential oils at a fast rate
Louder in comparison to ultrasonic diffusers


Without any doubt, this is an amazing product. If you are ready to shell out a few extra bucks, you can be the proud owner of this device. It not only provides you with the comfort and ease of taking it with you anywhere, but also saves you from the hassles of cleaning oil spills. It even saves you from tripping over wires, owing to its wireless functioning. Moreover, the company provides a 30-day money back guarantee if the customer is not satisfied with its performance. You even get two reusable 10 ml bottles of essential oils to be used with the product. Just attach the bottle to the device and your job is done. Besides, you get a USB AC adapter, micro USB cord, a user manual, a Two Scents sticker and an e-book on aromatherapy. Overall, it is a great investment and a must-have for all essential oil lovers.

7) Young Living Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser

Product Specification :
Dimensions – 23.3*22.6*22.3 cm
Weight – 3.3 pounds
Power- 100-240 V
Warranty- 1 year

A world-class leader in the field of essential oils and wellness products, Young Living presents to you one of its top-notch products for this year- Aria Ultrasonic Diffuser. Shaped like a wooden bowl, it is specifically designed to meet the needs and desires of the modern consumers. It is loaded with state-of-the-art technology and a variety of useful features to spark up your senses and provide you with an extraordinary experience.

Sounds like a good deal? This might be your dream diffuser. Let us see.

Design and Capacity

Beautifully crafted with a solid American maple base and a shiny glass dome on the top, the product is worth showing off. No matter where you place it, it will stand out and grab the attention of every passer by.

Being an ultrasonic diffuser, it uses ultrasonic vibrations to vaporize water. These vibrations hit a sensitive membrane which then begins to break down the molecules of oil and water. Eventually, these molecules start rising from the device and spread in the air, resulting in a fragrant area. The cool vapour steam emanating from the glass globe appeals to your eyes. It is easily visible, indicating that the device is on and working properly. As the mist is absorbed by your body, your senses are stimulated and you feel relaxed and at peace.

For your convenience, the diffuser consists of a water indicator line. This helps you know the level up to which water is to be added. While diffusing oil, the device is quiet, creating a peaceful environment.

The capacity of the water tank of this diffuser is 260 ml. Use of distilled or filtered water is recommended. Producing 42 ml vapor per hour, it lasts for about 3 hours. 15-25 drops of essential oil is all that is required to cover an area as large as 430 square feet. You can keep the device at your home or at your workplace. It is an ideal diffuser if you aim to cover large spaces.

Distinct features and Maintenance

There are some exciting features exclusive to this diffuser. One of them being the built-in speakers which play music based on an internal playlist. It plays for about 12 minutes. But what if you want to hear something different? Well, you can play your personal music collection with the help of the AV cord that comes with this device.

The other feature which is also worth mentioning is the LED lighting which make for a stunning display. Lovely colour options are offered. You can choose to have a particular colour one day and a different colour the other day. Thus, the diffuser can work as a night light too, providing you comfort and adding to your wonderful experience. In case you want the lights off, you can do so.

The functioning of the device is controlled with a remote. There aren’t any buttons on the device. The device can be turned on and off with the help of the remote. The lights and the speakers too are managed with it.

Regular cleaning is required for this diffuser. Just add water to vinegar and rinse the water tank. After every use, wipe off with dry cloth. To remove dust and stains from the glass bowl and maintain its shine, wipe it off with a damp cloth. Standing water in the water tank runs the risk of aiding the growth of moulds. You are thus advised to not leave any residual water in the tank.

Good water tank capacity
Lasts long
High mist output
Quiet Operation
Easy to assemble , use and clean
Capable of diffusing any essential oil
Unique features
Spare parts such as remote control, glass domes, audio cable etc. are easily available

Does not work as a humidifier
Not portable owing to its heavy weight
Sensitive parts such as the glass dome can break easily


Young Living has a reputation for making quality products and this diffuser is no exception. With its pleasant round shape and artistic design, it is bound to give a classy look to your décor. The multitude of unique features that it offers, including the soothing, built-in sound system and the multi coloured LED lights, make it better than many other diffusers. The overall package content of this product includes a remote, an audio cable, a power code and 5 ml bottles of Peppermint and Tangerine essential oils. If you do not mind the price tag, this is a wise choice.

So what are you waiting for? Grab these hot deals today. The world of aromatherapy awaits you!

Benefits of an Oil Diffuser

Having an oil diffuser at home or at workplace diffusing essential oils is beneficial for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

In addition to giving us fresh feels, the aroma of the oil relaxes our mind, helps to sleep better, increases our energy, helps in focusing and improves our health. It reduces inflammation and congestion in clogged airways, boosts immunity system, helps in combating allergies and heals and balances body’s hormones.

Oils are anti-bacterial in nature. On their release in the air, they attack the airborne pathogens and resist their invasion in our bodies which keeps us disease-free. They remove offensive odours and purify the air too.

Essential oils diffusers are a safer alternative to burning candles/ incense sticks. They protect against burn accidents, wax spills etc. They also deter mosquitoes, houseflies, fruit flies or moths from entering into homes and thus keep us away from frequent doctor visits. This leads to an increase in overall productivity. It even saves our money as it costs less than scented candles/incense sticks.

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